The SATURO Lifestyle! Stop skipping, start improving.

In my last blog post, I shared my experience going 100% SATURO for 3 weeks.
While this was a great way to save time and lose weight, most complete food users only replace one meal a day. Knowing that 100% complete food would not be a long term sustainable diet for me, for social and emotional reasons, I switched to a mixed diet. – by Armin

For which situations is SATURO suited best?

There are of course unlimited occasions for complete meals.
Pre- and post workout, on-the-go, filler meals, travelling or hiking, …

Find your own rhythm!

Why we might also eat normal meals

When asking the mixers out there, common answers are:

“During the other meals, I’m eating with family or friends.”

“I want to have something to chew.”

“I honestly like to cook.”

Social reasons are the most obvious ones. Eating together is a great chance to talk and connect, can be a common experience, and is even expected in many settings (family, workplace, …).

There are good reasons to chew, e.g. helping to digest food, and on fully liquid diets you might miss that. Chewing gum helps, our SATURO bars address the issue as well.
But we are used to different consistencies and normal food helps out.

Then there is the positive experience in preparing food, cooking for yourself or someone else, experiencing a variety of tastes.

Normal food will hardly ever be replaced completely for most people.
And that is fine.

Why you should mix SATURO and normal foods

For most people, a flexible diet is easier to adhere to.
You can follow urges instead of building them up until you go on an eating spree and end your diet with a cream topped chocolate cake.

With a mixed diet, you can combine the best of SATURO:
Saving money, saving time, eating healthily.

And when you have a lot of time to spare and feel like it:
Prepare a menu, eat with friends and indulge.

The challenges in a partial complete food diet

While it took me a few meals to get used to the harder to digest normal foods, now the mix of normal meals and complete meals works without a problem.
There is the risk of sliding into a more and more normal food heavy diet.
A full fridge, leftover meals, fresh vegetables and fruits that should be consumed.
The best way to fight this is routine and a commitment to your complete meals.

If you are aiming to lose or gain weight it also gets harder to track your calories.
How many calories was this plate of restaurant served pasta with sauce?
Tough to get right. Track as best you can and live with some inaccuracies.

How it worked out for me

I now mix 500 – 1000 kcal of SATURO with ~1000 kcal of normal food every day.
Some days are more SATURO heavy (mostly workdays) while weekends tend towards normal foods, long breakfasts, more elaborate dinners.

I now need more effort to track my diet, have to plan my cooking and grocery shopping more carefully and need to make a conscious effort to stay on the diet. Mostly by reminding myself of the benefits, I see in my life

While it has slowed down my weight loss, it is still trending downwards and I will reach my long term destination in ~3 months.
My confidence, that I can keep that weight has increased a lot.

And last but not least, I enjoy the times I eat normal meals way more than before.
Eating never is a chore, just to stop being hungry and I never eat food I would rather not eat.
I have a better solution for that!

Let me know why you mix, how you keep your diet going and what it has done to your life.
I would love to hear your story! Reach me at

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