Saturo subscriptions – A brief explainer

Subscription Cart

At Saturo we try to make healthy food available as convenient as possible.
With Saturo subscriptions shopping is simpler than ever.

Convenient food – Hassle free subscription

You can sign up for regular deliveries on each individual product site (Original, Chocolate, Coffee).
Alternatively, you can switch from “One-time purchase” to “Monthly subscription” for each item in your cart.

Once you’ve signed up we will deliver Saturo every month to your doorstep. The subscriptions tab in your account shows when the next order will be triggered.
Going on vacation? Ordered more than you can consume in a month? Need different quantities? You can suspend or cancel at any time.
There are no fees or hidden deadlines.

The Saturo subscription benefits

Saturo frees you from preparing food. With Saturo subscriptions you don’t have to worry about ordering in time anymore.
They are the next step in our mission to make healthy nutrition easier for you.

And subscriptions make our lives easier too. They allow us to plan deliveries ahead and forecast our supply needs.
We want to reward your loyalty by guaranteeing that we will always ship to you first.
Fulfilling subscription deliveries is our highest priority.

But it does not stop there. We believe it is fair to share the savings this predictability provides for us with you.
So we have added a 10% discount on your subscription order.

Payment Methods

Not all payment methods support subscriptions. Availability varies by country, but Credit Card (via Stripe) and PayPal are available everywhere.
In some cases, PayPal limits the options you can choose to pay with, to Credit Cards only.
We can not influence that algorithm and it depends on your payment history with PayPal.


We always ship subscription orders first. They include a 10% discount.
You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.
As long as you are subscribed, we will deliver your Saturo once per month.

It’s that easy.
Just place your subscription order now!