SATURO Stories: Meet Thomas

I am an independent filmmaker from Frankfurt am Main. Originally, my work revolved entirely around the computer – post-production, illustration and editing, so I was rarely on the go. Due to my own increased demands on the footage, I started to buy camera equipment myself a few years ago and now also often work on film and event shoots. Sometimes they take only a day, other times a few days.

The equipment is heavy, the conditions are tough, the days are long, and the work is physically exhausting. Catering for the film crew is often forgotten or it is not possible to show up in the canteen on time, because a lot has to be prepared before the show starts. Such film and event shoots often take place outside of normal working hours and therefore the mealtimes are irregular. As a result, I have resorted to fast food and energy drinks with lots of sugar. Completely starved and somewhere on the highway, I turn to greasy and unhealthy food.

As I looked for a practical and healthier alternative, I came across SATURO. For me, the perfect nutrition on the go and the film set. I always have a few bottles of SATURO in the car with me. This way I’m no longer dependent on catering, always have an energy boost in my pocket and can at times spend a few hours on the camera without a break. No greasy, sticky fingers when operating the expensive technology, no dishes or preparation. SATURO Coffee also offers the perfect combination of coffee and breakfast, waking you up instantly.

SATURO has really solved a big problem for me workwise – I don’t have to worry about my nutrition and can concentrate fully on my work. But even when I’m not working, SATURO can be a lifesaver. As a dad of two small children, my mornings are very stressful with all the preparations for kindergarten and I often forget that I should have a nutritionally full breakfast myself. SATURO is always here to save the day.