SATURO Stories: Meet Armin


Everyone has a goal. Whether it is career-oriented, sports-related, recreational or nutritional, each of us is on a personal journey to reach our desires and live our passions. With SATURO, we wanted to create something that would help ease your journey to reach those goals, all whilst maintaining a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.

As the start of a new series, we are introducing SATURO Stories – an account of real customers who enjoy our products and each has their own story to share. We are excited to kick off this series with Armin, our very own COO.

Armin has been a part of SATUROs success since the very beginning. “Building a startup is a demanding job, the hours are long, your mind is constantly preoccupied and you have very little time for some headspace when you are in the office.”

Not only does Armin reach for a SATURO because it is convenient and tasty, but he also suffers from Celiac disease, which means that his meals have to be gluten-free. Armin also tries to avoid lactose as much as possible, which restricts his diet even further.

“Eating in a restaurant is nearly impossible. You pretty much always risk contamination as most people aren’t aware of whether a meal does, in fact, contain certain dietary components.”

The SATURO ready-to-drink meal replacement range is gluten-free, lactose-free and plant-based.

Therefore, anyone suffering from Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance or maintaining a plant-based diet, can enjoy a nutritionally complete meal without worrying about a thing.

We asked Armin a couple of other questions:

What meal(s) are you replacing with SATURO?

In the morning I’ll pick up a SATURO Coffee. It allows me to sleep in a little longer, and avoid eating unhealthy sugar-rich chocolate cereals we all know and love. Avoiding the sugar rush makes it easier to get through the day and choose a healthy lunch option. People are also known to make bad choices when they are hungry.

Why would you recommend SATURO to a friend?

SATURO to me stands for freedom. I have the absolute liberty to pursue passion without having to worry about my next meal or getting hungry. I no longer have to worry about my dietary restrictions or spending money on unhealthy meal options.

What is your favorite flavor?

I drank too much of SATURO Strawberry, my former favorite. But now I’m really into SATURO Chocolate, it’s that little something sweet without having to feel guilty.

What excites you about SATUROs future?

Making SATURO more widely available. There’s a lot of people out there looking for a healthy and convenient meal, and we’re here to make that so much easier.

What’s the best feedback you received thus far?

I love hearing from people that have discovered SATURO and used it to improve their health and diet. There are lots of stories like these I hope we can share them here on this blog soon!


And so do we! If you would like to be featured in one of our SATURO Stories, get in touch with us via email or reach out to us on one of our social media channels. We would love to hear from you.