How to travel light

The vision of SATURO is to create space in life for what really matters.

We have five minimalist travel hacks for you so you can enjoy your next trip with ease.

Before every journey packing your suitcase is the biggest hurdle to overcome. On the one hand, you want to be prepared for everything and forget nothing important. On the other hand you want to travel lightly and focus more on your destination than on your suitcase.

1. The Essentials First: Take a deep breath and make peace with the fact that you can get most things at any time when you need them. You do not have to think about everything. At least in most countries with excellent infrastructure. So pack the most important things. Passport, wallet, tickets and booking confirmations for flight and hotel, your mobile phone and charging cable, as well as visa and medication depending on your destination and personal background. With the clothes that you wear on the body, you could start your trip with the suitcase and everything would be fine already.

2. Think backward: Decide for a pleasantly small suitcase size and then adjust what you take with you to this size. Instead of the other way around, in which you take everything you could need on the trip and then decide on how much luggage to take depending on the volume of the items. What does not fit in your small bag will not come with you. And it is not essential anyway.

3. The Rule of Three: When space is limited, basics like underwear, socks, and T-shirts can be limited to three each. One to wear, one to wash and one to dry. Do not think so negatively about the world, in most cultures you can now easily wash clothes.

4. Think multifunctional: pack things that hold multiple functions. Sun cream can also be a good moisturizer. A blazer can already upgrade some casual outfits for formal events. Take garments that you can combine with each other. Also, it is handy to pack clothes in pillowcases. They save space and organizes the suitcase. If the pillow in the hotel is uncomfortable, then you also have your own.

5. “Do I need that? Really?” Ask this yourself honestly with every piece you put in your suitcase. Sing it as a mantra in your head. Due to the uncertainty of traveling, we like to surround ourselves with familiar things. Do not be afraid to get immersed in something new. That’s why you’re traveling in the first place!

The experience of getting along with a small suitcase can turn the experience back home entirely upside down. Everything that usually seems natural and normal is a luxury when you arrive home. You experienced that you can live without all these things and, above all, enjoy life. Maybe even enjoy it more.

Your SATURO team

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