How I used SATURO to lose 7 kg in 3 weeks

SATURO is regularly used in diets to gain or lose weight. This is my experience with the latter. – Written by Armin

Who does not know the feeling? A new year has started and you are filled to the brim with good intentions and new years resolutions. Since I was observing a slow but steady increase in my body weight, 2019 seemed like the perfect time to start fixing this issue.

My unoriginal New Year’s resolution: Get fit again and lose some weight.

Luckily, our whole startup decided to start the year with a SATURO week. The challenge was to drink mainly or only SATURO for 7 days, to experience our products and connect more closely with all the SATURO users.

Since we just had released SATURO Powder V2.0 and I already had a lot of experience with our ready to drink bottles I decided to drink powder only.

The SATURO week, 100% SATURO Powder

Starting Monday morning, I changed my routine completely. The day started with a short workout of around 10 minutes, a weighing session on the scales and a hot shower. Then I went to the office and had a cup of coffee or tea.

I ate only, when hunger struck, and only SATURO Powder. Allowed drinks were tea, coffee with milk and occasionally alcoholic beverages.

In the evenings I scheduled a short yoga session to wind down. I tried my best not to eat after 10 pm, so I would have a long break between “dinner” and “breakfast”.

All of this was tracked, so I knew my exact calorie intake and have a rough idea about my activity and sleep levels.

Every beginning is difficult

As was to be expected, the first week was not without its challenges.
On day two we had a team lunch, sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our transition. The evening of that day I joined my flatmates for their meal and missed eating something savoury for the first time.
Day three to five were the toughest ones. My body had to adjust to a fully liquid diet. Digestion problems, a grumbling stomach and more trips to the bathroom than usual were the results.

Hopeful signs

Everything turned around on Saturday, day six. I was not hungry all day. My SATURO shaker was next to me all day, but I rarely took a sip. All in all, I had a slow day, consumed only 1300 calories that day and did not think about food or my stomach.

My SATURO week journal for Sunday reports:

Perfect day. Body feels great. No hunger, little to eat. Drank a nice coffee and some SATURO and enjoyed the day relaxing and taking a walk.

After one week on my new routine, I had lost 3kg. I suspect mostly due to having less food in my digestive tract.

I felt energized, had one to two hours more time every day, that I did not spend grocery shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning the dishes.
I used this time for more sleep, sport, meditation and yoga.

How to continue after week one?

Back in the office the next morning the SATURO week had ended. We receive a lovely breakfast picture from someone who could not wait to have a savoury meal again.

What would I do?
I wanted to turn my new routine into sustainable practice. Since I saw the first positive results and felt great about the new diet I decided to wait with reducing it to 75%, a task I found daunting.

The remaining two weeks I stayed on SATURO powder only. I kept to a mild form of intermittent fasting, with a 12-14 hour non-eating window.

Due to my increased activity and reduced calorie intake, my weight continued to drop. Now I could be sure that this is not only a change in digestive tract content, or body water content.
By the end of week two, I had lost 4,8kg.
By the end of week three, I had lost 7kg in total.

What I learned from 3 weeks on 100% SATURO

I love to eat. So I thought it would be hard for me to live on SATURO only.
I was wrong.

This was an absolutely freeing experience. I felt great, I loved to have so much more time for myself and SATURO.
I saved a huge amount of money, compared to my normally pretty expensive diet, with many restaurant meals and expensive food when I cook for myself.
I felt some pressure to eat when joining other people for lunch or dinner, or our whole team for a company event. But “eating” SATURO beforehand and then having a drink worked out well.

My next steps

In a future blog post, I will share if I managed to transition this experience into a sustainable diet including some social meals.
It is easy to lose weight, the biggest challenge is not to gain it back afterwards.

Feel free to share our experience with SATURO, the SATURO week, and with using SATURO to lose or gain weight by emailing me at

If you want to try this for yourself:

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