NEW: The Essential Summer Drink 2018!

Hot days call for frosty sips...
Starting today we have the ideal solution.
We created a new limited Saturo summer edition for you:
Saturo Chai!

We recommend Saturo Chai directly from the fridge or with ice cubes (on cold days it can of course also be heated up). Who does not know that feeling: In burning heat our appetite for a hot meal is often reduced. Then nothing is better than an iced chai drink that provides us with all the nutrients we need.

And without making us tired! Quite on the contrary, a Saturo Chai bottle contains a mild portion of caffeine (30mg) to boost your alertness – that’s about as much as a small espresso.

Chai in summer?

Although large coffee chains decided to sell their chai latte in winter, the chai originates from hot countries. Especially the spicy sharpness of Chai tea stimulates the blood circulation and helps to transport the heat of the body to the outside and to cool you down.

Saturo Chai is waiting to be your nutritious refreshment!

To Saturo Chai