Everything stays different: ALDI Nord, ALDI SÜD and HOFER

Since 02.01.2020 you can find SATURO in all branches of ALDI Nord, ALDI SÜD and HOFER. For SATURO, and therefore for you, this is a huge step.

The last few months, the apparent calm before the storm: Our brilliant team & our investors as well as countless professional and committed employees at producers, co-packers, transport companies, ALDI, HOFER and many more have worked hard behind the scenes. Hundreds of hands pulled together. With the goal and success in mind that we are now available in an incredible 5000 (five thousand) stores in Germany and Austria for the New Year’s promotion.

Without you, we would never have gotten this far. Thank you again for that!

It is fascinating for us to see how our vision turns more and more into reality: We always aspire to make healthy, practical nutrition directly available.

Over the next few weeks, 20 million potential Saturians will see us in stores. They are offered an alternative to pizza, kebab and chips to start the new year fit – according to our motto: Eat smart!

We are only at the beginning. The 20s will be a challenging and defining decade. For our society, humanity and SATURO. We asked ourselves where we could make a special contribution. Proper nutrition is one of the four main pillars of climate protection. So we will continue to fight for practical, balanced, sustainable nutrition every day. At the same time, others from Elon to Greta are fighting for sustainable transport and against climate change. But there is an astonishing resistance: Did you know, for example, that our purely vegetable products are taxed more than those that are not vegan?

We look forward to a successful 2020 with you