7 Hacks for a productive morning – Less stress, more success!

Mornings can be hard even for the earliest of birds. You always have the feeling that you’re running against time while you struggle to get dressed, plan your day and have breakfast. At the same time, you’re desperately trying to stay awake and promise yourself that you’ll never go to bed that late again.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 hacks, to help you have a less stressful and more productive start to your day.

1. Lay out your clothes the night before

Picking out your clothes can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks in the morning. Too often we reach the state of “I have nothing to wear” and just when we think we’ve got it turns out that the perfect outfit is in the laundry basket. We’re then forced to grab the first thing that we see and head out knowing that it’s going to be one of those days.

All of this can be easily avoided by planning ahead. Picking your outfit the night before will reduce stress in the morning and give you more time for other tasks. You’ll also look stylish while doing them.

2. Plan your day and set goals

Planning your day and setting realistic goals is the key to being successful. However, If you don’t do this the night before you risk waking up and not knowing where to start. Everything feels chaotic and you end up wasting time while you fuss about having too much to do.

You also can’t really plan efficiently while you’re under stress, so it’s best to do this in the evening when you’re relaxed and have a clear head. You can use a journal or add tasks to your phone’s calendar.

3. Wake up half an hour earlier

You might be sceptical about this one. After all, isn’t the whole idea of introducing morning hacks to give you more time to sleep? If you want to use our tips to add minutes to your alarm clock, that’s fine. But the real purpose here is to be more productive and set yourself up for a successful day.

Getting up earlier than necessary can be beneficial in several ways. You’ll have enough time to wake up gently and not feel rushed. You can also use those extra minutes to meditate or read a couple of pages of that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Or maybe you can finally enjoy your breakfast in peace while preparing yourself for the day ahead.

4. Lay off your phone

We know that the struggle is real with this one. It’s just so tempting to scroll through your messages and notifications right after you turn off your alarm. However, looking at your phone first thing in the morning can have bad effects on you.

On the one hand, you can end up scrolling mindlessly and lose track of time. With this, you’ll stress yourself out while trying to get through all of your other tasks. On the other hand, you are emotionally pushed around by news and other events. Start your day, before you interact with the phone.

5. Keep your essentials in a designated place

It’s the end of a long day at work. Finally, you get home and you’re ready to relax. At that moment you don’t really pay attention to where you leave your valuables. Now imagine that you’re getting ready for work the next morning. You’re all dressed up, ready to go when you realise that you can’t find your keys and your wallet.

Your whole morning routine has been ruined simply because you misplaced two items. The best way to avoid this is to get in the habit of putting your essentials in a designated place, preferably close to the front door. Motivate yourself to do this right after you get home as you will most probably forget to do it later.

6. Let the sunshine in

As soon as you wake up, open the curtains and enjoy the sunlight. The natural light will not only wake up your body but it will also help synchronize your sleep/wake cycle.

Waking up and feeling the sun on your skin sounds like the perfect morning. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a place where that’s possible on a daily basis. In that case, looking into a wake-up light is a good idea. It simulates the sunrise and can help balance your hormones.

7. Don’t skip breakfast

It’s no wonder that breakfast is dubbed as “the most important meal of the day”. Some of the amazing benefits of making breakfast part of your morning routine include better concentration, improved memory and mood. It also gives you a great energy boost and helps maintain your overall health.

At the same time breakfast can be a bit of a hassle to prepare and most people tend to skip it to save time. Also consuming a big breakfast can leave you feeling sluggish, which is not what you want if you have a big day ahead of you.

That’s where we come in. SATURO can help make breakfast the easiest part of your morning. You can choose one of our many pre-made drinks or use our Powder to better adjust the meal to your caloric need. Either way, you’ll be able to avoid the “food coma”, while feeling full, energized and ready to make the most of your day.

*8. SATURO Coffee

This is a special hack for all you coffee lovers out there. Sometimes there’s no time to make yourself a hot cup of coffee so you just decide to get one on the go. The problem is that a lot can happen between your home and your workplace. Say you get stuck in traffic without having had that extra energy boost in the morning. Trying to stay focused and awake while knowing you may be an hour away from your cup of Joe is not the best way to start your day.