Let us start with the obvious, food is essential for human survival. However, providing your body with nutritionally balanced foods on a regular basis is slightly more complicated. It requires time, knowledge and of course, often comes with a certain price.

Back in 2013, our founder Hannes found his friends to be ordering vast amounts of take-out at University. It was the time it took to prepare a healthy meal, and the time it took to do the washing up, that convinced them to order those seemingly more convenient fast-food options.

Having a keen interest in nutrition and a passion for engineering, he decided to address the issue. The Complete Food industry was gaining popularity, so he started to experiment with mixable powders. He quickly noticed that in fact, there was something missing in powdered food, the practicality of a ready-to-drink meal.

‘A healthy meal should be as accessible and convenient as a can of Coke or Red Bull’, says our founder, Hannes Feistenauer.

Soon after Hannes, and co-founders Joerg Hauke & Armin Feistenauer put their heads together and started to develop the ready-to-drink Complete Meal, that we today know as SATURO. The product went into development in 2016 and has been on an incredible path of success ever since. From the humble beginnings of a university dorm to being named one of Austria’s most successful startups, there is definitely an exciting road ahead.

Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are three key values we hold true at SATURO. Which is why our team is constantly optimizing what already have on offer as well as creating new and exciting products and flavors for you.

From left to right: Joerg Hauke, Hannes Feistenauer, Armin Feistenauer

Our views on sustainability

We believe in responsible production and consumption. This means addressing food loss as well as food waste through innovation across all our products. Currently, about a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted, and a vast amount of that contributes heavily to climate change.

How we give back

A trip to the supermarket always ends up with one or two too many items in your cart. An apple that is likely to go rotten, or a substantial amount of left-overs that ends up in the bin. When using SATURO, you produce zero food waste, consuming only what your body needs for that particular meal. We also pride ourselves in having a completely plant-based product, causing no animal pain during its’ production. Our products also have a year-long shelf life, so they can be consumed than the average apple. And, we are constantly trying to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as we can.

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